Film Tourism Scopes

A new development can be done as the fusion of both Tourism & Cultural Industry has become an inevitable trend. At the same time where government is trying to boost these two industries, we can always think of this sort of merging and work with mutual interests. This is the right time to grab this strategic opportunity.

Resources like rich historical and cultural relics, has a natural attraction for tourists. Nowadays, the Government has already started organising cultural festivals, exhibitions to promote tourism industry in the integration of the cultural initiative to achieve the protection of traditional resources. Tourism on the active integration of the cultural industry can provide a platform for the exchange of different cultures of the region, has become the carrier of cultural dissemination, protection and restoration of beneficial cultural resources. Specifically film can do this restoration in a larger version.

Cultural tourism enterprises by giving more resources to tourism function, so as to better meet the diverse needs of tourists, not only to promote the upgrading of the structure of the Tourism Industry, but also for the development of cultural industries another way. Accommodation and catering industry provides night stay and food options for tourists. Cultural connotative accommodation and catering not only provides services for tourists, but also become tourist attraction tourism resources. Therefore, we should be more conscious of cultural elements into the accommodation and catering industry. Travel industry during tourism product promotion, it can also make use of relevant techniques, cultural transmission to better achieve the effect of publicity.

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