Film Tourism @ Purulia

Film Tourism : Launching 1st time in India

Film Tourism : Launching 1st time in India

Worldwide, Film industry & tourism industry both are growing dynamically. Here in Bengal, according to  this situation, we like to merge some factors of both these industries and create a scientific fusion.  We are sure that this synergy, will certainly boost up both the Entertainment & Hospitality Industry in a good shape.

A brand new concept !!

A brand new concept !!

During August 2016 to March 2017 we have successfully completed four beautiful tour programs. Again on October 2017 we are heading for Purulia with some new updations – a beautiful location where lot of films were created. Lets explore beautiful bengal with a new vision of FILMTOURISM.

  • Venue: Purulia
  • Date: October 2017

Let’s take a Cine Step!!

Film Tourism @ Purulia!! Join for fun!!! /

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