We are launching a brand new concept of modern tourism blended with film and entertainment world.

The world views India as a country with rich cultural heritage and people want to get to know it better. Worldwide, India is viewed as a spiritual destination. India has a relatively new visual landscape and innumerable unexplored locations that can be ideal locales for shooting foreign films. Filmmakers can explore the country’s rich diversity, its various cultural groups and different terrains including beaches, deserts and mountains.


Tourism & Film both are the most important entertainment factor worldwide. Since ages human love to travel for exploring the unknown. Be it for Pilgrimage or Leisure, Cold or Hot, Sand Beaches to Salt Desert, Ski to Golf, people want to travel for fun.  People try to spend some time with different activities which is not possible at there home. Basically we have to escape from the daily routine & try to rejuvenate. Same as in film where everybody is interested to meet celebrities as film stars, eager to listen the hidden life style of heroes & heroines, want to grab information regarding the inner stories of film making. With all these, people love to see outdoor locations of the creation and dream for visiting there in fantasy. We have tried to merge both industries and craft a new blend FILMTOURISM.