Overview & Common Features

This is a brand new concept of Modern Tourism blended specifically with Film. 

Tourism & Film both are the most important entertainment factor worldwide. Since ages human love to travel for exploring the unknown. Be it for Pilgrimage or Leisure, Cold or Hot, Sand Beaches to Salt Desert, Ski to Golf, people want to travel for fun.  People try to spend some time with different activities which is not possible at there home. Basically we have to escape from the daily routine & try to rejuvenate. Same as in film where everybody is interested to meet celebrities as film stars, eager to listen the hidden life style of heroes & heroines, want to grab information regarding the inner stories of film making. With all these, people love to see outdoor locations of the creation and dream for visiting there in fantasy. We have tried to merge both industries and craft a new blend FILMTOURISM.

COMMON FACTORS of film and tourism

There are lot of common factors in both film and tourism industry. Papers from PhD says “It is easy for Tourism Industry and Cultural Industry to converge with each other due to their common cultural and economic attributes”.  Tourism is different and rich in content and broad in extension. Tourism industry is defined based on variable demand resulting a expanded boundary unlike the others. As per the continuous change of characterized demand, tourism market is also trying to alter products day by day making it different from the other traditional industries.  Based on the traditional forms different factors charged up, various innovative modules have been created, experimental fusions getting crafted and new products released. So tourism can be called as a border less industry.


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